Elia Harmouche

IT Consultant / Software Engineer
Amateur Photographer


More than   years of experience in the Lebanese banking sector working at Creditbank s.a.l. since 2004.
As Head of IT Development Department, I managed two teams with a total of eight senior/junior developers with the main task of expand the functionalities of the core banking system ICBS and interfacing with third party applications.

After developing different software on demand for many departments I became familiar with most banking concepts and operations including:
○ Retail Products ○ Loans & Credit applications ○ Collection & Recoveries ○ Web and Mobile Banking ○ Smart ATMs & ATM Cash deposit ○ Decision Acceleration ○ Balanced score cards ○ Credit score ○ Intranet ○ Credit cards ○ Anti-money laundering & Compliance ○ CDR (Central du risque) ○ Central bank reporting ○


I love photography because it allows me to capture the beauty that is all around us, sometimes hidden or hard to notice, and show it to others from my perspective.

I do my best to catch it all without introducing artificial effects to photographs but relying on camera technics like motion blur, slow shutter and others to create art that stands out.


American University of Beirut

Oct 2004 - June 2007

Masters of Engineering Management

Graduated with a GPA of 85.36 and major core courses related to business management, leadership, management of technology and process optimization.

Worked at AUB as a Graduate Assistant during Fall 2004 and Spring 2005. Assisted in teaching undergraduate students the electronics Labs and C++ Labs.

Notre Dame University

Sept 1999 - June 2004

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer and Communication




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